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About Keep My Quotes;;

Hi there =D And welcome to keep_my_quotes. This community is a community we are using for quotes//poems//song lyrics. Here, the Quoters will be posting Quotes//Poems//Song lyrics that we think would be used by people. Weather or not its in Livejournal, Myspace, Deadjournal, AIM, anything, they are here for your use. Currently we are a small community, but we are hoping that it will grow! Don't be afraid to promote us, but currently, we don't have any promotion banners. sorry =(

Keep My Quotes Quoters;;

We here at keep_my_quotes are always looking for Quoters. Whats that you ask? A quoter is a person who posts quotes/song lyrics/ poems or whatever they feel like members of the community can use.
We are always looking for quoters, so feel free to comment Here if you are intrested. Yout don't need any special skills, just some quotes and a good attitude. =)

Getting to know the Quoters;;

*____dearheart- A.J. i'm almost sixteen, and i live in ohio.
if you want more info? im me, or something. ps? i love pasta!
*alwaysenchanted- Steph. I'm 17 and live in Louisiana.
*shine_like_neon- Ami Megan
*dusted- Missa, sixteen, Livonia, Mi.take, oh.one.oh.one.oh six. Christopher.
*reddressgirlx3- Cricket Nicole, Sixteen, Salisbury, MD. ♥ waiting to get sweep off her feet! =]

Community Rules;;

The rules here are very simple. Follow them & we'll have no problem.

*To Join the community, read all of the rules & click to join.
*To become a quoter, read under the quoters section.
*Respect everyone in the community, this is not a drama scene, take that shit back to school, none of us want to see or hear about it here.
*Don't ask for a certin kind of quote, unless its posted asking you what you want to see.
*If you don't like a quote posted, wait for a quote suggestion post to ask what kinds of quotes you'd like to see/use.
*Comment when taking a quote, we like to know what people like//want more of.
*When posting quotes, please use an lj-cut.
*Understand us a quoters have a life, and it does take alot of time to either find, or come up with quotes, think of others to go with it, and actually get around to post it. Sorry if we don't have it when you need it. Check the memories if you're looking for a certin quote.

Sister Communities;;

A sister community is like a friend to the community, has some of the same members and also helps with promoting eachother.

*freebie_ave- A great place for freebies (graphics). Also has wonderful makers and awsome/friendly members.

Want to be a sister community? comment Here

Keep My Quotes Credits;;

Right now, I want to thank the following people, because without you, some things in this community couldn't be possiable.

*Community layout: Made by amazedxx, with edits by .
*User Info Header: Made by tulips @ vanishedicons

Thank you guys so much, you've helped a great deal. ♥